Botanical Purple Malden Theme

I have been trialling several different setup styles over the past few months and couldn’t find something that looked grown-up and sophisticated but still pretty to look at. I think this need has probably spawned from the realisation that I turn 30 in 5 months :/

While frantically searching online and researching Rifle Paper Co.’s beautiful collections, I stumbled across this Garden Herb wrapping paper and absolutely loved it. It had the deep plum tones of the purple Malden with fresh zingy green-yellows and muted greens – it was perfect for Spring and just what I had been looking for; I just didn’t realise! And I found somewhere in the UK that actually stocked it!

So I thought, what better way to make use of my time waiting for it than to plan my new setup?

Here she is!


And now the talking bit, as I explain my frantic design board to you!

You may have seen some of my other mood boards but I thought I’d just explain what all the little elements are on the page and hopefully you will be able to visualise my plan.

The patterned botanical paper on the left is what I will use for my dashboard and possibly my dividers as well. It’s the Rifle Paper Co. Garden Herb wrapping paper I was raving about earlier.

I used Paint Shop Pro and picked some of the colours out of the wrapping paper to use for colours on my divider tabs (see above, the lavender-coloured tab that says ‘home’) and labels for my Filofax ‘today’ page markers (see above, plum and yellowy green ‘today’ and ‘month’). This will give my planner a consistent feel throughout.

I will also use (if I can find it anywhere) the market list pad that co-ordinates with the Garden Herb paper. I just love this, although I’m scared I would think it would be too nice to use!

I would use my trusty Agendio inserts, but when it comes to ordering more, I will use 4 different accent colours for the different months of the year, which will co-ordinate with the colours of the Garden Herb paper. (At the moment I have shades of pink and purple).

I found the botanical-themed E.E.Cummings quote on Pinterest and really loved it, so it might be printed and punched, and placed just after my dashboard. In case it’s too small to read, it says, “to be nobody but myself – in a world which is doing its’ best, night and day, to make me somebody else – means to fight the hardest battle any human can fight, and never stop fighting.”

The polaroid picture is an example of how I will add photos to my planner. I like to have a few photos and I think black and white pictures look really classy. I use Simple Stories Sn@p photo pockets, and cut them down to size so they are single 3×4″ pockets. These are great for adding little photos. I’ll print these with my Canon Selphy.

I love butterflies so I will probably fit a few of those in, too.

What do you think, did you understand my ramblings?!

L x



Week 1 Using Agendio Inserts

Morning, all! I’ve been awake for hours, getting stuff done, and ready to tell you about my first week using my Agendio inserts.


I love these inserts, and after just a week I’m already sold on getting them again when I’ve run out. I love the simplicity of the design, and that there is a space for everything I need to write down.

On the left of the above picture you can see my appointments and to-dos, and I have added an extra list as hubby is at work this morning which means I go into productive overdrive and get. stuff. done. I suffer with brain fog all the time and when I have a busy day I like to schedule how my day will pretty much plan out, it helps a lot. Getting confused makes me stressed.


On the left of the above picture is a shopping list for when I walked into town this morning and on the right side you can see, what I would call, my weekly docket. I have been able to write down our meals for the week and tick them off as we’ve eaten them (this has helped me with meal planning so I can see if we have any dinners left over for the following week).

I have been able to write a list of general to-dos: things that I need to do but are not date specific. I have tracked my spending which has also been a great help, and space for notes to remind me that family are away on holidays etc.

I’ve noted TV series to watch which has been good – I enjoy watching TV programmes and this was a really good way to keep track.

The rest of the boxes really made sure I did something for me this week. They are titled ‘me time’, ‘movie night’, ‘baking/cooking’, crafts, music and health.

I have Rhuematoid Arthritis and although it’s kept under control most of the time, the most hassle I get from it is usually the symptoms of my meds, which I like to keep track of. Although this week, unfortunately I got so stressed out at work I gave myself a huge headache 😦 yep, one of those weeks…


My only issue with using these inserts, is that I used to use a week on 2 pages and write appointments on the right, and to-dos on the left, so I could differentiate between them. However I quickly came to a solution – I decided to use Frixion pastel highlighters for anything that isn’t a to-do task. I’ve found this works really well, as I can see instantly what is a to-do, and what isn’t. I made a key as well for the front of my planner just in case I forget what each colour represents! #brainfog…


Also, Heidi Swapp glitter washi… LOVE. ❤

How has your week been?


Agendio Planner Inserts Review

Happy Sunday, everyone!

I have recently received some rather exciting happy mail and wanted to share my new inserts with you. They are from – a US company who make personal, A5 and Deskfax sized inserts among other notebooks. However, they differ from many other planner refills because the inserts are fully customisable. 


I placed my order on 18th July and it arrived with me on 10th August – just over 3 weeks which is not bad at all considering the inserts were custom made. I was kept updated on the progress of my order.

Layout Editing

Agendio’s easy to use website allows you to choose a template to start with and edit it using the information you want. It only took me a few minutes of playing around with it to work out how to use it, and it was very efficient and easy, even using a tablet. The customisation options are out of this world.

Paper quality

I am a bit of a paper freak. My pet hate is having really bad quality paper to write on, so I was relieved when I looked into these inserts and noticed the paper was 105gsm (compared to Filofax’s standard 70gsm). You can really feel the quality of the paper as well, it is smooth.



Pre-punched holes – you can choose to have holes punched or not, which is fantastic and saves loads of effort upon receiving the inserts. As far as I could see there was no extra charge for this either.

A variety of layouts to choose from and customise – Agendio use divisibles which are basically little boxes you can add and edit to your diary layout and label as you choose. You can see in my photo below that I’ve used them for meal planning, to-do list, TV watchlist, important, me time, movie night, baking/cooking, crafts, music, health and spending. You can choose the size of the boxes (but the sizing is slightly limited so that everything fits neatly on the page).


Beautiful colour selection – there is a lovely selection of colour options for inserts – you can even choose a different colour for each month, and I decided to choose four of the colours and rotate them throughout the year. They also offer black and white printing ($5 cheaper than colour).


Choose your starting month – if, like me, you change your mind frequently, you might consider changing to new inserts halfway through the year. You can select your start month at the beginning of the process and Agendio will print a year in advance from that month. So you end up with a whole year of inserts from the month that you need. (Note: remember to allow for 3-4 weeks delivery time when choosing your start month!)

Add national holidays, birthdays and recurring events – You can tell Agendio (using the customisation tool) to add national holidays (you can choose from pretty much every country in the world, too!) and you can also program in family and friends’ birthdays which will automatically be printed on your inserts. I have also programmed in pay days – very useful!

Font choices – you can even select from a range of fonts to use in your planner. There is a varied choice as well.

What would I like to see from Agendio in the future? 

It would be fantastic if Agendio could add even more colours to their variety so that there was more choice. Some of the colours were a little too vibrant for me, so more pastel variations would be nice.

Also a week on 2 pages layout with days split into two, one side to-do and the other side appointments would be very useful, although I understand why this isn’t offered as an option as the divisibles wouldn’t be needed.

Other insert choices to customise – for example, contacts, a grid-style month to view instead of list view as offered at the moment.

Overall I’m really impressed with the quality and simplicity of these inserts and would purchase them again, if they worked for me. And if the layout doesn’t work, the beauty of these inserts is you can change them up to suit your needs. They were a little more expensive than I would have liked, but for a fully customisable insert it has definitely paid off.

I’ll be back once I’ve used them for the week coming and feed back on how I got on!

Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! 🙂


P.S for those querying customs charges to the UK, I was charged £14.01.

Current Planner Setup: Late Summer 2017

Greetings, planner nerds!

I apologise that I have been AWOL for quite some time, but you can blame my ridiculously slow laptop for that. However, hubby has installed some extra RAM in it, and now it’s running much better. Yay!

Just to recap over my planning journey since I last blogged: I was using my personal size Original in Lilac as my main planner. However I felt it was too small and wanted something bigger, so I bought another happy planner, trimmed it down to fit my A5 Original Lilac, made it all pretty, used it for a few weeks then decided it was too big. I know, I’m stupid and indecisive. So now I’m back in my personal Original and I LOVE it. I’ve really taken the time to consider what works for me, and to make it colourful and lovely and sparkly. So let’s take a peek!


After literal HOURS spent looking for the perfect scrapbooking papers to use for my dashboard, I found this cute ‘hooray for today’ card from American Crafts Dear Lizzy Lovely Day collection. (Also, hats off to Hey Little Magpie, my favourite online craft store – I ordered this on Thursday morning and it was delivered the next day!) I also purchased some Heidi Swapp glittery gold washi tape because it made me smile.

The ‘fine little day’ tag is also from the same sheet of paper as the ‘hooray for today’ card, to keep a theme running.

The adorable deer paperclip is from Dotty Moo on Etsy. Not much to say about this, just *love* it.

Untitled collage

The pockets I’ve used for my dashboards and ‘important stuff’ envelopes are from Simple Stories Sn@p range which I trimmed down to fit my Filofax. They’re great in A5’s as well, and are very versatile and durable.


For my month to view pages, I was kindly gifted these gorgeous inserts from the lovely Natalie at UltSuccessPlanner on Etsy. The paper quality is just awesome and I find it really useful to see an overview of my whole month. I’m not keen on my decorating technique on these pages but I’m sure I will improve over time. Definitely purchasing these for 2018! The inserts also have a ‘My plans’ and ‘notes’ section on the reverse of the month but I haven’t quite decided how to fill these yet. I thought it might be good for writing goals or sticking pictures of things I’d like to buy that month.


I had gone back to using Filofax week on 2 pages inserts for simplicity until I realised that the inserts for 2018 had BLUE ink. Bleugh. Hate it. I’m still using 2017 inserts with black ink at the moment but have found a replacement which I will do another blog post on shortly.


My contacts pages are lilac so I can locate them easily, I don’t have a whole tab for contacts as I only have a few sheets at the back of my diary section. These were from NB Planner on eBay (I believe you can also buy some of their range on Amazon). They do a variety of inserts on a variety of coloured papers, in both A5 and personal size. Plus, they were a bargain!


Next I have my home section: a list of chores, home to-do list (things to get done around the house at some point), utility bill information, home stuff to remember (where to buy spare parts for appliances, which car oil my car uses, where I bought extra RAM for my laptop, etc.), car repairs, cleaning tips, and contents insurance policy documents.



Life section: A cute little list of me-time treats for when I’m feeling exhausted and need to just treat myself. I’m really bad at letting myself have luxuries (apart from food!) so I made a little list to remind myself to take time out occasionally for me. I also have a hygge list, very much for the same reason. (FYI, for those not savvy to hygge, read about it here. Next up is some positive quotes which I found on Pinterest, my wish list, Funko pops wishlist, and lending/borrowing list.


Food section: Mmmmm, food. Our lives revolve around food. In this section I have our freezer inventory, local restaurants, favourite meals and favourite baking recipes. I’m going to add some staple recipes to this section, like Bolognese, chilli, and my famous toad in the hole with onion balsamic gravy 😉


Special events: I could not resist using this cute winter bear card (from Crate Paper Coca & Snow collection) in my planner. In this section I have lists of birthdays and special events throughout the year, gift ideas, and anything Christmas related.

My creative section is blank at the moment… Oh the irony…!


Music & Film, probably equal amount of love for these as food. I never used to watch films but lately we have been watching LOADS. And we love Netflix and Amazon Prime ❤ nothing like a good binge, eh?! In this section I have a binge watch list (series), movie night list, and will add a list of music to listen to.


Travel, my second love. We visited York on our first anniversary in 2016 and fell in love with the city. We went back in March this year for our second anniversary, and we’re going back again for hubby’s birthday in September. I’ve made a list of our favourite restaurants and attractions, and also a packing list and added a map that was from a visitor’s guide. I’ve also added details of our flight to Rhodes next October for my big 3-0 birthday :0

Finally I have a miscellaneous section which just has a list of things to add to my planner and some spare notepaper and business cards.

I have to say I love how this has turned out, and I really like using project life cards for long-term inserts (things I won’t just throw out in a year’s time). It really adds some colour, personality and creativity to my planner which I love. I feel there are a few tweaks that I would like to make but it gives me something to work on!

Check back later for my blog post on new exciting inserts!


Week 29 Review


We’ve had some lovely (and at times, unbearable) heat this week with temperatures reaching 32°C on Tuesday! So I’ve had some summer-y fun this week. And apparently lots of red things going on.

After I did the cleaning on Friday evening (I know, I like to live it up) I sat listening to The ’59 Sound by Gaslight Anthem with the door open, the evening sun pouring through. It was a great feeling.

I painted my nails in Barry M’s raspberry nail polish, love the colour, it’s so cheerful. I also played guitar for a little while on Friday night.

At the weekend we have brunch instead of breakfast and lunch, as we go to the butcher’s first thing and it makes more sense for me to have a more filling brunch so I can take my medication. This week we had french toast with cinnamon apples, strawberries and maple syrup, and crumpets with greek yoghurt, honey and fruit. Delicious!

My Whittards order arrived *finally*. Our intercom is broken again so deliveries are near impossible at the moment. I got some freebies with my instant tea as well, and some chocolate covered coffee beans for my lovely hubby 🙂

On Saturday morning after our butcher’s run we went to our local pub (it was about 10am) – hubby was sure they were open for breakfast. When we got there they said they didn’t open until 12pm, however they’d be more than happy to let us sit in the garden, which we did, and even gave us a free coffee each! We are regulars there so that’s probably why they were so generous, but it was much appreciated as we don’t have the luxury of a garden at home!

How was your week?

Colour Coding your Planner

I have covered my colour coding method in my setup blog post which you can read here, but I wanted to give you a more in-depth look about how I use my planner pages, in particular different colour-coding systems.


I use Filofax Cotton Cream week on two pages inserts (personal size). I recently switched to these as I was finding I needed more space to write my weekend to-dos.

My Planning Routine

Every Sunday I sit down and fill in all of the important information I need to add for the following week. I also write down any tasks which occur every week, for example food shopping, meal planning and cleaning.

Once I’ve waited for my ink to dry (otherwise the highlighter smudges the black pen) I highlight each task or note in the following colours:

Me – anything to do with my hobbies, personal life etc. for example crocheting, Filofax stuff, blog posts, meeting up with friends

Hubby – change to his normal work hours (I don’t write all of his work hours in my Filofax as they are usually the same routine, I just write them down if they’re different to what he usually works) and anything else related to hubby e.g. deliveries or important dates he wants me to write down. 

Medical – I have to take a weekly dose of MTX which is not in my normal pill case as it can’t be handled. I write down every Saturday that I need to remember to take it and the dosage as its gradually being increased. I also write down when I need to re-order any medication and write it next to food shopping so we can do this at the same time. 

To-Do and Chores – any to-dos that are not personal related, for example things I need to do around the house like cook the dinner or put washing away, empty the dishwasher or bins. I also highlight cleaning, washing, food shopping and meal planning in this colour.

Special Dates – birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc. are all highlighted in pink. 

I did try other ways to colour code but they just didn’t work for me. I used Staedler highlighters in bright colours but it was just too much for me!


I also tried a more subtle approach of using Stabilo fine liners and drawing little bullet points next to each item as a colour code, but I didn’t like this either, I thought it looked scruffy and wasn’t very clear.


And so I went back to my trusty Frixion pastel highlighters. Ideally I would have liked more colours, and I thought they sold an orange one but I ordered it from Jet Pens and when it arrived it appeared what I thought was yellow is in fact orange… Fail!

I find it’s really easy to see what I need to do in a day and how much of it is chores vs. my own free time that I can use to do something creative. The more purple, the better!

I hope this has inspired you to try your own colour coding methods, please feel free to share in the comments section!



Week 28: Review

I think summer is finally here!


We had some lovely weather towards the end of last week and at the weekend, so it was back to the pub garden for some drinks with friends. I wore my new Mela dress from New Look; it’s navy with hummingbirds and purple flowers on it 🙂

I bought a new nail polish in Wilko at the weekend, it shimmers lilac and green depending on the light.

Also I’ve been sucked in by Pokemon Go… hubby went out Pokemon hunting on Thursday night while I watched back to back Big Bang Theory and painted my toes. My sister gave me a fluorescent pink nail polish that I’d thought I’d try out but I hated it! Think pink highlighter…

I also finished my crocheted sad cat… She looks so sad it almost hurts! She has yet to have a name but I’m really proud of her. I’m getting better the more I do.

And finally, counting down the days until we go on holiday for hubby’s 30th birthday, only 71 days to go!

Here is a view of last week in my planner:


Week 26: Review

So as we come to the end of this week I’ve flicked through my Instagram photos and reflected on the things I have achieved this week. I’ve been trying to make myself busier and continue with the hobbies that I used to enjoy so much, but for some reason stopped doing.


Most importantly, I got to wear my new Little Mermaid pyjamas from Primark!

Hubby made some delicious beef burgers for dinner with a red rice slaw, which was so delicious. The burgers have paprika and cumin in them so they’ve got a nice bit of heat to them.

I have been learning to crochet and finished a little bunny rabbit this week. He’s yet to have a name, but I love how he turned out. Although, he looks nothing like the one in the instructions…!

Wednesday evening we realised we had no food in the house (we’d got beef out of the freezer that morning but it hadn’t fully defrosted :/) so we had to improvise. What a shame! We went to our local pub and had dinner, then sat in the beer garden for a while. They’ve planted some lovely flowers.

After lusting over the beautiful nail designs all over Pinterest, I thought I’d give it a try. My first attempt at polka dot nails didn’t turn out too badly. I was especially worried though, when hubby said “how are you going to do your right hand? You’re right handed!” I figured it out. 😀

I spent a few hours designing and printing inserts for my travel planner and made a cover page (you can see my setup post here) and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Although I have missed some information about the opening times of the restaurants in the hotel, so I will have to add that later.

I feel next week is going to be a challenging one, but I’ll keep you posted (if I make it!)

Filofax Travel Planner Setup

I am SO ready for a holiday. Anyone else knows living in Britain we have had the poorest excuse for a summer ever. Rain most of the time. Hot, humid and grey. Sunshine occasionally, but not enough. I remember when I was a teenager and we had guaranteed weeks of beautiful sunshine. Where did it go?!

Anyway, moving on to the purpose of this post… We are going to Corfu in September for hubby’s 30th birthday *hurrah!* so I decided to transform my Pennybridge Filofax in purple into a travel planner.


I am a very anxious person, so having lists and notes and information to hand makes me feel better. I chose the Pennybridge because I have used it previously for travelling as a purse and for my travel information, and it worked really well. It has plenty of room for bus tickets, souvenirs, a zip pocket for money and is the right size to hold leaflets. The rings aren’t that big, granted, but that prevents overstuffing and realising you’re carrying way too much stuff.


As in my everyday Filofax, I decided to make a cover page using the Simple Stories instal-pockets. I really love this technique, I think it looks really cute and it’s also protected by the sleeve so your embellishments don’t fall off all over the beach 🙂

I used the Pink Paislee Summer Solstice collection as my colour scheme, and also used the colours in the papers as a basis for the colour schemes of my pages (more on that next).

How cute is that sparkly whale?! ❤

Now, for my own security unfortunately I can’t share the first few pages of the planner as they have all of our personal details and holiday details on. But to give you an idea, I added the following information: Name, address, email, phone number, and all of these details for my husband as well; list of my medication and doses; important numbers (bank lost/stolen contacts, doctor, insurance, British Embassy, police, fire, ambulances hospital).

Flights and Transfers – Airline, booking number, date, time, airport and address, terminal, flight number, outbound and inbound. Also details of our transfers.

Hotel Information – Name, address, phone number, email, room type, room facilities, voltage, location, services, leisure and sports facilities, beach, gardens and theme night details.

My next section is all to do with planning our holiday. This section includes my packing list, itinerary, to-do list for before we travel, holiday shopping list, and outfit planner.


The section after that is all relating to the area, things to do, attractions and getting around. I have information to do with tourist attractions we would like to go and see, excursions our travel company runs that we might like to go on, information about the town we are staying in, and bus information including a timetable for the bus that runs from our hotel to Corfu town. And of course, maps!


I printed some blank travel journal pages for my next section as I like to journal when I’m on holiday. I have a memory like a sieve so I usually find if I don’t write everything down I get home and forget everything. Of course I take hundreds of photos, but they don’t tell all the stories.


My last section is just for extra information that I might find useful: Greek phrases and tips, and some spare sheets for note taking.


And that’s everything to see, my friends! Well, except for this lovely pile of embellishments from the Pink Paislee Summer Solstice line… go and have a peek, it’s very cute and summery!


Edit: After sharing this post I’ve had some requests to share my designed travel pages with you. You can download them here. Enjoy!


If you’d like to use the same font as I’ve used for the page headings, you can download it here. The body font is Gill Sans.