Week 29 Review


We’ve had some lovely (and at times, unbearable) heat this week with temperatures reaching 32°C on Tuesday! So I’ve had some summer-y fun this week. And apparently lots of red things going on.

After I did the cleaning on Friday evening (I know, I like to live it up) I sat listening to The ’59 Sound by Gaslight Anthem with the door open, the evening sun pouring through. It was a great feeling.

I painted my nails in Barry M’s raspberry nail polish, love the colour, it’s so cheerful. I also played guitar for a little while on Friday night.

At the weekend we have brunch instead of breakfast and lunch, as we go to the butcher’s first thing and it makes more sense for me to have a more filling brunch so I can take my medication. This week we had french toast with cinnamon apples, strawberries and maple syrup, and crumpets with greek yoghurt, honey and fruit. Delicious!

My Whittards order arrived *finally*. Our intercom is broken again so deliveries are near impossible at the moment. I got some freebies with my instant tea as well, and some chocolate covered coffee beans for my lovely hubby 🙂

On Saturday morning after our butcher’s run we went to our local pub (it was about 10am) – hubby was sure they were open for breakfast. When we got there they said they didn’t open until 12pm, however they’d be more than happy to let us sit in the garden, which we did, and even gave us a free coffee each! We are regulars there so that’s probably why they were so generous, but it was much appreciated as we don’t have the luxury of a garden at home!

How was your week?

Colour Coding your Planner

I have covered my colour coding method in my setup blog post which you can read here, but I wanted to give you a more in-depth look about how I use my planner pages, in particular different colour-coding systems.


I use Filofax Cotton Cream week on two pages inserts (personal size). I recently switched to these as I was finding I needed more space to write my weekend to-dos.

My Planning Routine

Every Sunday I sit down and fill in all of the important information I need to add for the following week. I also write down any tasks which occur every week, for example food shopping, meal planning and cleaning.

Once I’ve waited for my ink to dry (otherwise the highlighter smudges the black pen) I highlight each task or note in the following colours:

Me – anything to do with my hobbies, personal life etc. for example crocheting, Filofax stuff, blog posts, meeting up with friends

Hubby – change to his normal work hours (I don’t write all of his work hours in my Filofax as they are usually the same routine, I just write them down if they’re different to what he usually works) and anything else related to hubby e.g. deliveries or important dates he wants me to write down. 

Medical – I have to take a weekly dose of MTX which is not in my normal pill case as it can’t be handled. I write down every Saturday that I need to remember to take it and the dosage as its gradually being increased. I also write down when I need to re-order any medication and write it next to food shopping so we can do this at the same time. 

To-Do and Chores – any to-dos that are not personal related, for example things I need to do around the house like cook the dinner or put washing away, empty the dishwasher or bins. I also highlight cleaning, washing, food shopping and meal planning in this colour.

Special Dates – birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc. are all highlighted in pink. 

I did try other ways to colour code but they just didn’t work for me. I used Staedler highlighters in bright colours but it was just too much for me!


I also tried a more subtle approach of using Stabilo fine liners and drawing little bullet points next to each item as a colour code, but I didn’t like this either, I thought it looked scruffy and wasn’t very clear.


And so I went back to my trusty Frixion pastel highlighters. Ideally I would have liked more colours, and I thought they sold an orange one but I ordered it from Jet Pens and when it arrived it appeared what I thought was yellow is in fact orange… Fail!

I find it’s really easy to see what I need to do in a day and how much of it is chores vs. my own free time that I can use to do something creative. The more purple, the better!

I hope this has inspired you to try your own colour coding methods, please feel free to share in the comments section!



Week 28: Review

I think summer is finally here!


We had some lovely weather towards the end of last week and at the weekend, so it was back to the pub garden for some drinks with friends. I wore my new Mela dress from New Look; it’s navy with hummingbirds and purple flowers on it 🙂

I bought a new nail polish in Wilko at the weekend, it shimmers lilac and green depending on the light.

Also I’ve been sucked in by Pokemon Go… hubby went out Pokemon hunting on Thursday night while I watched back to back Big Bang Theory and painted my toes. My sister gave me a fluorescent pink nail polish that I’d thought I’d try out but I hated it! Think pink highlighter…

I also finished my crocheted sad cat… She looks so sad it almost hurts! She has yet to have a name but I’m really proud of her. I’m getting better the more I do.

And finally, counting down the days until we go on holiday for hubby’s 30th birthday, only 71 days to go!

Here is a view of last week in my planner:


Week 26: Review

So as we come to the end of this week I’ve flicked through my Instagram photos and reflected on the things I have achieved this week. I’ve been trying to make myself busier and continue with the hobbies that I used to enjoy so much, but for some reason stopped doing.


Most importantly, I got to wear my new Little Mermaid pyjamas from Primark!

Hubby made some delicious beef burgers for dinner with a red rice slaw, which was so delicious. The burgers have paprika and cumin in them so they’ve got a nice bit of heat to them.

I have been learning to crochet and finished a little bunny rabbit this week. He’s yet to have a name, but I love how he turned out. Although, he looks nothing like the one in the instructions…!

Wednesday evening we realised we had no food in the house (we’d got beef out of the freezer that morning but it hadn’t fully defrosted :/) so we had to improvise. What a shame! We went to our local pub and had dinner, then sat in the beer garden for a while. They’ve planted some lovely flowers.

After lusting over the beautiful nail designs all over Pinterest, I thought I’d give it a try. My first attempt at polka dot nails didn’t turn out too badly. I was especially worried though, when hubby said “how are you going to do your right hand? You’re right handed!” I figured it out. 😀

I spent a few hours designing and printing inserts for my travel planner and made a cover page (you can see my setup post here) and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Although I have missed some information about the opening times of the restaurants in the hotel, so I will have to add that later.

I feel next week is going to be a challenging one, but I’ll keep you posted (if I make it!)

Filofax Travel Planner Setup

I am SO ready for a holiday. Anyone else knows living in Britain we have had the poorest excuse for a summer ever. Rain most of the time. Hot, humid and grey. Sunshine occasionally, but not enough. I remember when I was a teenager and we had guaranteed weeks of beautiful sunshine. Where did it go?!

Anyway, moving on to the purpose of this post… We are going to Corfu in September for hubby’s 30th birthday *hurrah!* so I decided to transform my Pennybridge Filofax in purple into a travel planner.


I am a very anxious person, so having lists and notes and information to hand makes me feel better. I chose the Pennybridge because I have used it previously for travelling as a purse and for my travel information, and it worked really well. It has plenty of room for bus tickets, souvenirs, a zip pocket for money and is the right size to hold leaflets. The rings aren’t that big, granted, but that prevents overstuffing and realising you’re carrying way too much stuff.


As in my everyday Filofax, I decided to make a cover page using the Simple Stories instal-pockets. I really love this technique, I think it looks really cute and it’s also protected by the sleeve so your embellishments don’t fall off all over the beach 🙂

I used the Pink Paislee Summer Solstice collection as my colour scheme, and also used the colours in the papers as a basis for the colour schemes of my pages (more on that next).

How cute is that sparkly whale?! ❤

Now, for my own security unfortunately I can’t share the first few pages of the planner as they have all of our personal details and holiday details on. But to give you an idea, I added the following information: Name, address, email, phone number, and all of these details for my husband as well; list of my medication and doses; important numbers (bank lost/stolen contacts, doctor, insurance, British Embassy, police, fire, ambulances hospital).

Flights and Transfers – Airline, booking number, date, time, airport and address, terminal, flight number, outbound and inbound. Also details of our transfers.

Hotel Information – Name, address, phone number, email, room type, room facilities, voltage, location, services, leisure and sports facilities, beach, gardens and theme night details.

My next section is all to do with planning our holiday. This section includes my packing list, itinerary, to-do list for before we travel, holiday shopping list, and outfit planner.


The section after that is all relating to the area, things to do, attractions and getting around. I have information to do with tourist attractions we would like to go and see, excursions our travel company runs that we might like to go on, information about the town we are staying in, and bus information including a timetable for the bus that runs from our hotel to Corfu town. And of course, maps!


I printed some blank travel journal pages for my next section as I like to journal when I’m on holiday. I have a memory like a sieve so I usually find if I don’t write everything down I get home and forget everything. Of course I take hundreds of photos, but they don’t tell all the stories.


My last section is just for extra information that I might find useful: Greek phrases and tips, and some spare sheets for note taking.


And that’s everything to see, my friends! Well, except for this lovely pile of embellishments from the Pink Paislee Summer Solstice line… go and have a peek, it’s very cute and summery!


Edit: After sharing this post I’ve had some requests to share my designed travel pages with you. You can download them here. Enjoy!


If you’d like to use the same font as I’ve used for the page headings, you can download it here. The body font is Gill Sans.


Filofax & Writing Straight

Ok, so I love the cotton cream inserts much more than I love any of the other Filofax personal inserts, simply because there is equal space to write for each day of the week. I am usually busier at the weekends than I am during the week, so I get really irritated if all my notes and to-dos are squished into a tiny box and the rest of the boxes Monday to Friday are half-empty.

I was previously using Filofax lined week on two pages, and although I loved having the lines to write on, I disliked the small weekend spaces.

Then  a little brain wave came along and said ‘hey, you know you’ve never been able to write in a straight line your entire life, and how you used to use guidelines? See where I’m going with this?!’

And I said, yes brain, that’s an excellent idea.


I quickly whipped up a quick set of guidelines on a personal sized page and printed it double sided on card. I put some washi tape on the edges so that it would be more sturdy, then punched holes in and added slits so it can be removed without opening the rings (like the Today markers).


And there you have it, lines without being lines!



You can download a copy of my Guidelines template here! FilofaxPersonalGuidelines

July Wishes & Loves

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 14.50.16

As a new feature on my blog I thought it’d be fun to share with you my favourite products and things each month. So for July, here are my wishes and loves!

1. Madeleine Shaw: Get the Glow

Madeleine has changed the way we eat. After biting the bullet and deciding myself and my husband both need to eat healthier, not necessarily for weight loss but just to feel better, we invested in some books; and Madeleine’s book was one of the handful we purchased. Her recipes are healthy but still full of incredible flavour and texture. We’re a little bit addicted to cauliflower rice with turmeric and ginger (cooked in coconut oil, of course!)

2. Pimms Cider Cup: Red Apple & Plum

I was slightly skeptical when I saw this in our local supermarket, but oh my, how delicious it is. The depth of the plum and the freshness of the apple unite beautifully together, along with the subtle flirt of Pimms in the background. Delicious!

3. Rediscovering Blueberries

Full of antioxidants, blueberries are little purple jewels of yummy-ness. I was convinced I hated blueberries because when I was younger my mum used to buy blueberry muffins and they were NOT nice. Now though, can’t get enough of them.

4. Rifle Paper Company

I am a sucker for pretty stationery, and although I haven’t bought anything from Rifle Paper Co. yet, there is still time…! Their designs are just beautiful, really feminine and delicate.

5. Rocket Dog Jazzin’ Pumps

I have horrendously rubbish feet. They’re really flat. So finding comfortable footwear that doesn’t look like an old person should be wearing it is quite a challenge for me. I love these shoes, they’re so comfy and come in tons of gorgeous colours and patterns.

6. Next Summer clothes

The orange top pictured in my moodboard is from Next. Now, you wouldn’t think this would be a huge deal but I have NEVER, EVER worn orange before. I actually really like it! Sometimes it makes a big difference to try something new 🙂

7. Primark pyjamas

I love sleep, and naps, and pyjamas. I LOVE Primark pyjamas; they give me the excuse to drink a Baileys night cap in my Disney Princess jarmies. And they’re affordable too, what’s not to love?!

8. Frixion pastel highlighters

As shown in my post Filofax Original Lilac Setup, I use these to highlight specific dates in my Filofax. I love that they don’t bleed through Filofax paper, and the colours are SO pretty and delicate.

9. Johnsons Face Wipes with Moonflower

As mentioned previously, I LOVE sleep. I have such sensitive skin that finding exciting scented face wipes proves difficult without coming out in a big, ugly rash. These face wipes by Johnson’s include moonflower extract which smells divine, and just sends me into a calm, relaxing sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed, and with super soft skin, too!

10. Palmolive Pampering Touch shower cream

Yep, going to mention how crap my body is again. Itchy skin is not the one. So when I discovered the cheap, yet effective, and relaxing scent of Palmolive Pampering Touch with coconut I was sold. At just 85p per bottle from Tesco, it’s definitely become my favourite shower gel. It stops me from getting angsty in my morning shower, because the scent just chills me out.

11. Aussie Miracle Moisture

I was pretty fed up of my (sorry to use the cliche phrase) “dull, lifeless hair” and no matter which shampoo and conditioner I used it never worked for more than one wash. When I saw Aussie Miracle Moisture for £3 in Wilko (yes, that’s the normal price, it was not on sale) I thought I’d give it a try. It has worked wonders for my hair (even my hairdresser approved!) and smells delicious.

12. Macbook Air

You know when you by something, and your gut says you probably shouldn’t have, but your mind thinks this is awesome? That’s my Macbook. I broke up with Windows. Since upgrading to Windows 10 he’d become painfully slow, temperamental and irritating. Enter Macbook – super quick startup, simple to use, efficient and a joy to work on. Windows, you suck.

13. Orange is the New Black: Season 4

Ok, so we promised ourselves we wouldn’t binge. We tried. Then we did it anyway, because it was so good! No spoilers here so don’t panic, but what I will say is I’ve really grown to love Lolly’s character, and really grown to find Piper super irritating. You learn some more about Lolly’s back story in this season which was interesting. I find this is one of the huge perks of the show, learning how the inmates got to prison in the first place. She’s innocent and childlike, but wait, she’s in prison, she can’t be that innocent?! So many questions.

Reasons for finding Piper irritating? Little man syndrome. The whole ‘White Party’ thing. (Watch it, you’ll understand). She’s basically attempted to be a leader or founder of something that even she doesn’t believe is right. Ring any bells in our current political situation?!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my July Wishes & Loves, check back next month for the August edition!


Beautiful York: Our Short Break

My husband and I decided to go to York for a few days for our first wedding anniversary in March. When we told my family of our plans, they said I would love York, and they were not wrong. In fact, we loved it so much we’ve both imagined moving there.

For those of you who have never visited York, I wanted to write a little piece on our experiences and memories, to share with you the wonderful time we had, and how York is so much different from the everyday town we live in now.

Ashley Guest House

We stayed in a lovely, quaint little B&B down Scott Street named Ashley Guest House – it’s run by a very friendly and knowledgeable man named Phil who greeted us with homemade chocolate brownies and recommendations of places to go for lunch. The B&B is a short ten minute walk from the centre of York and its main attractions; far enough out of the way to not hear the city noise, but close enough to enjoy it whenever we wanted.


We stayed in a room called ‘The Tub’ which had a beautiful free standing Victorian bathtub in the bedroom. The furnishings were lovely and the room was cosy and homely. I’d always wanted to have a bath in a Victorian bathtub! *ticks bucket list*.

I really appreciated the fact that the B&B was a Victorian terrace and they had clearly used Heritage paint for the bedroom we stayed in (interior design geek right here). We also appreciated the complimentary bottle of cava!

After unpacking, we grabbed some lunch in the nearest place we could find. It was a three hour drive from our hometown to York and we were very hungry when we arrived. It wasn’t difficult to find somewhere to eat as York’s streets are filled with a range of restaurants, bars and cafes from quaint little tea shops to meaty, manly bar and grills. We settled on the simple option, a Pizza Hut buffet! (I know, not very adventurous, but when hunger calls…)

Clifford’s Tower

Once we’d eaten we decided to explore the city a little. First, we arrived at Clifford’s Tower, a stone structure mounted on a hill, blanketed in daffodils like that Wordsworth poem. Intrigued by the panoramic views from the top, we decided to explore. Clifford’s Tower is almost all that remains of York Castle which was built by William the Conquerer.


The views from the top of Clifford’s Tower were breathtaking. You could see all the buildings amongst fresh, fluffy clouds like freshly washed pillows in the sky. A true dreamscape, the contrast of the bright blue sky and the red buildings below was stunning.


The Shambles

Curious to see what the fuss was about, we searched for The Shambles as our next little adventure; 15th century buildings with their first floors hovering over the cobbles below. It is Britain’s best preserved Medieval street, and used to house butcher’s shops – you can still see the meat hooks on the outside of some of the shops!


York Walk

Bright and early the next day, we joined a walking tour of York. I know. I walked around a city for a few hours and didn’t die, gold star for me!

We started at the Museum Gardens where the remains of St Mary’s Abbey stand. We then ventured through the gardens to the Multangular Tower, which was used as a defensive in Roman times. It now holds remains of Roman coffins.


We passed The King’s Manor, now a university for Archaeology, Heritage and Medieval studies. The coat of arms above the entrance had recently been re-painted.



After crossing the road we joined the path of the City Walls from Bootham Bar and again saw the stunning views of the city from a height.


After we left the City Walls, our tour guide introduced us to ‘Snickelways’; small streets and footpaths which are passageways through or between buildings.

York Minster

We had walked past York Minster on several occasions already, particularly on our York Walk, and had learned about the history of the Minster. We took a closer look and decided to go inside. The stained glass windows were incredibly detailed and vibrant. We decided not to go up to the top of the tower as there were over 200 steps and my feet were hurting!


Fairfax House

Fairfax House was our next visit; a grand Georgian townhouse furnished and decorated as it would have been in the 1700s. It was interesting to see the authentic furniture which was donated by John Terry (who gave us Terry’s Chocolate Orange!) I particularly liked the details on the ceilings, and the wallpaper in the drawing room was a beautiful green silk. Unfortunately, photographs were not permitted in Fairfax House, but you can take a look at the website here.

Yorkshire Museum

Thursday was museum day – we started at Yorkshire Museum which showcased historical artefacts from the Roman and Medieval periods and also some extinct animals and dinosaurs. It was very educational, the most interesting part was reading the medieval recipes!

Castle Museum

On Thursday afternoon we visited Castle Museum – several exhibitions which were very interesting, my favourite being the Victorian street which was set up as it would have been at the time. They also had room settings of the Georgian and Victorian periods, a classic toys display, a 1960s exhibition, Castle prison and First World War relics.


 Fudge Kitchen

Now, here’s a funny story. The first day we got to York and started exploring here and there, we walked past a fudge shop. Hubby is a fudge fiend, and we both said when we walked past it that we would visit again later on that day. After walking around for three days we finally tracked down the fudge shop we were looking for (yes, we managed to lose a  fudge shop). Regardless, it was more than worth the searching as we got to sample some delicious delights!

Ye Olde Starre Inn

After our busy day of visiting the museums, we stopped for a few drinks in the oldest licensed inn in York, established in 1644. It was so sunny that we were able to sit outside in the beer garden and listen to the distant chimes of the York Minster bells. This is often a memory I look back on as being one of my happiest moments.


Byron Hamburgers

On our last night we went to Byron Hamburgers for dinner – the food was delicious, I just wish I had room for dessert! I loved the decor of the restaurant.


And here, our journey ended. York had been such an inspiration to me, the safe feeling of walking through the streets, entertainers lining the pathways that were actually very talented, the history, the colour, the Yorkshire charm, and of course all the tea!

It was lovely to arrive back to our cosy little home but we had such a fantastic time in York, and are looking forward to going back for our next anniversary. Many happy times ahead, I feel. 🙂

Filofax Original Lilac Setup

Today I’d like to show you the setup of my lovely Filofax Original Personal in Lilac. I have owned it for a few months now, and have been struggling to set it up in a way that works for me. I’ve tried to over-complicate things at times, so I’ve gone with a fairly simple yet organised and pretty approach which should be relatively effective.


Why Lilac?

I chose the lilac colour because I love purple, and although I was sceptical about how light the cover was, I decided I needed something more cheerful. I find it’s quite an encouraging colour, whereas previously I had been using something much darker (an A5 Malden) which was equally beautiful, but a little depressing to look at, at times.

I must warn you… this is going to be a rather picture heavy post! Grab the tea and biscuits and take some time out 🙂

Downsizing from A5 to Personal

I decided to downsize from an A5 to a personal because I wanted the option to carry my planner in my (Cath Kidston, and oh so lovely, purple polka dot) handbag. I really liked the opportunity to add more information in an A5 but it just wasn’t practical for me. (Also, with the whole arthritis in my wrists, lugging heavy bags is not cool.)

My Setup

 When I opened my planner, I wanted to be greeted with fun and sparkle, and I feel like I’ve achieved that. But I didn’t want it to be too over the top. I made a small card that says ‘today is the best kind of day’ from a scrapbooking sticker, and used a little Heidi Swapp Hello Beautiful flag paperclip to keep it attached to the elastic in the front cover. I keep just one pen in my planner, a Pentel Slicci 0.4 in black.


IMG_3396 (1)

I made my dashboard using Simple Stories Snap insta-pockets (if you cut them down to 2 squares by 3 squares they fit perfectly in an Filofax Personal size!). They are really great for adding a personal touch to your planner. I have added a few of my wedding photos and some small pieces of scrapbooking paper which coordinate with the lilac.

You have no idea how hard it is to find lilac scrapbook paper… hence the pink, aqua, gold, yellow and navy colour scheme. I think it looks quite cute, though!

On the other side of my dashboard I used some scrapbooking stickers to decorate the backs of the paper on the other side, and added a Project Life card (My Mind’s Eye I believe the brand was), quoting the most lovely bear.

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” A.A.Milne

IMG_3400 (1)

In the photo below you can see my multi-coloured tabs… we will come to that in just a moment. First I’ll show you my cover page, complete with a stack of rather precarious looking teacups! I love the fact that it says ‘Oh, hello!’ 🙂

Behind this page I have my personal information (full name, address, who to contact in an emergency, etc.)

IMG_3403 (1)     IMG_3404

Now, onto my huge ‘Sections’ section! After many trial and error methods of organising my notes, I decided that colour coded sections with subjects was the best way for me. Colour is how my mind works, it doesn’t work with letters or numbers or generalisation (for example, ‘various’, ‘things’, ‘miscellaneous’.)

So here is my contents page and what I keep in each section:


  1. Monthly Diary – two months per page diary to mark important dates or just see the month at a glance.
  2. Weekly Diary – I use Filofax week to view inserts (lined of course, my brain can’t deal with the freedom of blank space.) I use Frixion Soft Erasable Highlighters to indicate birthdays, medical, television, chores and husband.

IMG_3409 (1)

3. Contacts – I use the standard Filofax contacts pages (not photographed for obvious reasons!) I find they do the job I need them to do and it’s great for accessing important addresses when I’m out and about.

4. Medical – in this section I keep my doctor, optician, pharmacy and rheumatologist’s contact details, along with my medication details and doses. I think it’s important to have this information to hand. I also have an arthritis diary where I record any strange symptoms I am having due to my medication, then I can report back to my rheumatologist on my next appointment. I also have notes pages for general health information and a weight tracker.


5. Food and Drink – we LOVE food. 90% of the time, we’re talking about food. The other 10%, we’re probably eating it. In this section I have a list of dinner ideas, weekday lunch ideas, weekend lunch ideas and recipes to try.

6. Shopping – here I have a generic shopping wishlist of things I’d like to buy when I can afford it. I also have a list of the gift cards I have in my purse and how much money they have left on them.

7. Home – I am in charge of all the bills in our household so it’s important I keep track of all correspondence we have with our landlord, utility companies, etc. and so I know when certain contracts end. I have a page for each utility and space to write any correspondence. I also have a bills tracker so I can see that I have paid a certain bill that month.

8. Work – ah yes, work. *sigh*. In this section I have an annual leave chart to show when myself and my husband have both booked time off work. Again I use the Frixion highlighters to mark days off. (mehubby and both). 

IMG_3414 (1)

9. Special Events –  I have a list of anniversary gifts for each year, and a list of birthdays and anniversaries for our family and friends.

IMG_3415 (1)

10. Family – it’s just me and my husband, so nothing in this section yet.

11. Online – I keep logins in this section, along with product keys for re-installing things like Antivirus software and Microsoft Word when my laptop inevitably dies! I also keep a list of online orders.

12. Husband’s stuff – you know what husbands are like. ‘Write this down somewhere safe please.’ Well that is what this section is for. All the little nic-nacs of information he tells me go in this section to refer to when we have both forgotten.

13. Happiness – a fairly new section, at the moment this just contains my bucket list but will have some self-help information in there later on.

14. Fashion and Beauty – I keep a list of Pandora charms I own in this section, clothing sizes, favourite makeup and beauty products and favourite perfumes in this section. Again, useful to refer to when mum asks me what I want for Christmas (in September).

15. Crafts – I’m quite a crafty person so this section is one of my favourites 🙂 I’ve just started learning how to crochet, so I’ll put in this section any patterns that I’m working on, or an inventory of different wools I have bought and where from.  I also have a printout of a really pretty font I found, in a style I had been trying to hunt down for some time. I also have a wishlist, list of project ideas, and events to add to my scrapbook.



16. Music – I love music, I listen to it quite a lot and I also play guitar (when I’m not in too much pain!). In this section I have lists of music to listen to on Spotify and songs to learn on guitar.

17. TV & Film – we love watching films and TV shows, so I’ve got a checklist of Disney films we still need to add to our collection, lists of TV shows we’re currently watching, and release dates for future seasons.

IMG_3417 (1)
18. Travel – I keep holiday details in this section, along with packing lists, places we’d like to travel, and journaling when we are away.

19. Car – I keep information about my car in this section, such as my insurance details, tyre pressure, local garage details and details of any repairs.

20. Christmas – it takes a lot of organising but someone’s gotta do it! We don’t always host Christmas dinner but if we do I like to know exactly what’s going on. So in this section I keep gift lists for our family and friends, Christmas day menu, Christmas card checklist and my wishlist.

21. Blog – post ideas and any useful resources go in this section.

22. Local – information about our local restaurants, shops etc. and things to do locally (especially if they are free!)

23. Finance – I have a log in this section to track how much we’ve saved and will write any financial workings out in this section.

24. Vouchers – coupons for restaurants, food shopping etc. go in this section.

25. Notes – this section is my ‘to-file’ section – I can write various notes here that will later be filed in one of the other sections.

26. Paper/Stickers – I keep spare paper and a few stickers at the back of my planner along with a piece of the box from my hair colour and a few business cards.

IMG_3424 (1)

And that’s all, folks! I hope you have enjoyed my first post, and I hope you will check back for more in the future. Please feel free to leave me a comment and any requests you have for blog posts!