Raspberry Finsbury goes to Hospital

So, inspired by Paperlovestory’s horror of finding her Finchleys in a worn state after being put away for a while unharmed and then uncovering them covered in marks, I made the decision to send my Personal Finsbury to Filofax.

I bought her for about £45 and have only been using her a few months. She is so, so worn and I am very careful with her, but I really feel like I’ve been ripped off!

Here’s the damage…

At first I thought this was the only issue and I thought I could get over it, but it’s quite a cosmetic defect. This has happened over only a few months of using….

I think in six months time the whole Filo will be that horrible baby sick colour where the beautiful raspberry has rubbed off…

Colour has worn away completely on the popper… it’s gone a manky brown colour.
Either this was a manufacturing fault or has developed over time, but the fabric is fraying away from the stitching on the inside front…

Corners are all scuffed as well.

So disappointed, when I got this Filo I adored the colour and now it’s all fading away!

I am a little nervous about sending her away though. Will they return her if they don’t think there is anything they can do (which I will then complain further), will they send me something hideous like an Apex? Will they send me something a completely different colour? I like mustard colour but it’s just not me in the form of an organiser 😦

I’ll let you know how I get on, but I’m somewhat pessimistic…



5 thoughts on “Raspberry Finsbury goes to Hospital

  1. Sweetspot says:

    Had exactly the same filo, with exactly the same problem after less than 4 months sitting mostly on my desk top. I contacted Filofax USA and was told to send it back. I was then offered a replacement. Having read about the many complaints on this particular color (raspberry), I chose to have an aqua finsbury instead. Only used the acqua for a double of months though, no further problem. You might want to think about your choice of replacement, seems like the raspberry ones are prone to this leather problem. Good luck and happy filofaxing!


  2. laura jane says:

    Thank you very much for your comment, that's good to know. Imy did say a while back it might be the raspberry colour that was the issue and not the actual Finsbury design. Did the aqua mark easily in your handbag?


  3. Yu says:

    Mine was almost ruined after one month of use (aqua finsbury). Am thinking about returning it as well, but I LOVE the color, so I'm not sure. >.< ;


  4. Sweetspot says:

    I didn't use my aqua finsbury for long, and didn't try to throw it around in my bag much. So it still looks brand new now. The finsbury is a bit too stiff for me, I've been using one of my 10 filos since. But the aqua is too pretty to part with.So it's sitting the box at the moment. ^_^


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