Can’t part with my Finsbury!

For those of you who read my blog post yesterday about my Finsbury going to hospital…

I wrapped her up, wrote down my return address and contact number and got her ready to go to surgery… Three hours later I ripped open the package and filled her back up with some new dividers.

I am a loser. Maybe it’s because her insides looked so bare without the beautiful leather skin, or that I was scared of what they might send me in her place. She’s the only personal I have, so I can’t move my info to a temporary Filo while she has her analysis from the Filofax hospital 😦

I think what I might do is save up for a Filo I really want. I was considering the Malden in purple but it seems very hard to get hold of and is a bit over budget for me. My other choices are:

Personal Aston in Orchid
Personal Finchley in Purple
Domino in dark pinky purple (I did have one of these but for the life of me cannot find it!!)

You may see a theme… I love purple and find it a very inspirational colour for me. I saw Angela Leung (paperlivestory) sent back a jade Finchley and was sent a red leather croc effect (Osterley or Deco?) which is quite a contrast, and this was what I was scared of!

I have decided A5 is not for me, I’d have to replace all the inserts I have just made, and my setup is how I like it.

I’ve been looking on eBay hoping to find a great deal on a Personal but there’s nothing that is either in my price range or that appeals to me 😦



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