Colour Combinations Filofax

I have two empty pocket Domino’s which I have tried to sell but no one was interested. So, I decided rather than leave them empty, I would find uses for them. I have decided I am going to use the lavender one as a colour combinations Filofax, as I make a lot of cards and do scrapbooking, and am always trying to think of which colour combinations to use.

I started by searching the web for inspiration. I was just going to do the whole Filofax with no dividers, just opages of colour combinations… (Images are Courtesy of a blog I found from a Papertrey Ink user).

Then I thought it’d be nice to do some tabs for other card making inspiration and bits…
I also found some really nice websites where you can create colour combinations. I can then print these out and add them into my binder.
(Picture courtesy of Photo Card Boutique)
Has anyone else used their Filofax for creative purposes?

3 thoughts on “Colour Combinations Filofax

  1. Alison Reeves says:

    Wow Laura – that looks great! I have a feeling I had a colour combination book which I used when designing ads for the mag we used to produce – I must have a look. I really love the dividers – did you make those as well? I especially like the font you have used for the tabs.


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