Starting the Creative Filofax

I know I said a few weeks ago I was going to start making my Creative filofax with my A5 domino but this time of year is so hectic, I just haven’t had the time. However, I had a half day at work today so I came home and tried to work on it.

It went well for a few hours, here are the results:

I cut down the paper from my old craft folder and punched the pages to fit my A5.
I took out all of the inserts that came with the filofax, laid them out on the desk and then chose what I wanted in each section and which dividers I would use.
I made a list of the sections I wanted so I knew what to write on my tabs.
I made my tabs…
… using scraps from my paper box!
I added some bits and bobs I had that I want to add but have run out of double sided tape *gasp*! These are colour combinations cut out of a magazine.
I started writing some prompts for my life story project.

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