Domino Goes Gothic

I did it!! I’m really pleased with her. I have had a brainwave for a few days to create a damask embossed effect on my domino for my life story project, and after hours of considering how to do it I turned to my old friend… heat embossing. I already know this technique works as I’ve tried it before on a domino, but I decided to use black on black and it looks awesome 😀

It also fits in with my life, because from the ages of about 16 to 18 I was very gothic indeedy. I still have a love for pre-raphaelites and gothic poetry etc. I just don’t dress like that anymore, which sometimes makes me really sad 😦

So here we go… It’s quite hard to capture on camera but you get the idea! It only took 30 minutes as well!


Also I’ve replaced the elastic with a piece of ribbon (I wanted black velvet ribbon, but the good thing about this is that I can replace it if it gets dirty or frayed). This might not work for an everyday binder as you’d have to keep tying the ribbon, but for a ‘look book’ so to speak, it’d be fine for occasional use.


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