Custom Designed & Printed Pocket Pages

YAY!!! I did it!

I had little faith in being able to print my own pocket pages, double-sided, but alas, I have done it, and first time too!

I had some pre-punched and perforated page sheets that I bought from Filofax but I cut out each individual sheet so I was left with sheets of pocket paper.

Then I set up my template, printed one side, adjusted the margin for the holes, printed on the other side and ta-da!

Then I decided I’d show you what I mean by decorating the pages so I can archive them. That’s why I wanted to include journaling, so I didn’t have to waste my decorated pages.This took about 5 minutes to think up and do, not long at all and a nice way to relax and be crafty at the end of a hard day.

I’m quite smug now =D

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