Moleskine Arrival – New Setup

My Moleskine arrived this afternoon when I got home from work, and I dived straight in and stuck her in my Filofax. Here are some pictures of the comparison between the size of the moleskine pocket and the pocket filofax.

You can see the Moleskine pages are slightly wider and slightly taller than normal sized Filofax pocket pages, that is one of the appealing features that drew me to using the Moleskine for Filofax pages.
The Moleskine is made of eight or so small separate notebook sections which I carefully removed from the outside bound cover, and trimmed a small section off the rough edge. I then made a template and punched my holes in the right place.
Et Voila! One beautiful pocket Molskine binder.
 I already love the freedom of the pages, I know it’s Friday, but I tested some doodle-y style journaling/planning.
So very pleased with the outcome, although I may have to get more Moleskine journals as writing paper so all the paper is the same size. I also need to make my new dividers (yes, I know, more new dividers, but I want them to be the same size as the diary!)
I’m thinking of getting some different coloured Coleto pen refills as well, at the moment I only have black, light blue, dark blue and purple.

6 thoughts on “Moleskine Arrival – New Setup

  1. Tina says:

    My first thought was OHMYGOD SHE CUT A MOLESKINE!!!!!!!! But then I remember I did the same with one of the old ones I had ^^ And this looks great! Congrats 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    I've been thinking of doing the same thing for over 2 months. I just bought a Kate Spade planner this weekend. You did a great job putting your planner together…FANTASTIC!! I'm currently using a bounded journal — drawing one-week at a glance on the left-side pages, leaving blank pages on the right-side and gluing in a full, 2-page monthly calendar at the start of each month. I can't wait to try what you did. Thanks for sharing!


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