Personal ‘Me’ Smashfax

I have two empty personal domino’s which I love, sitting on my bookshelf unused. One is grape colour and the other is aqua. I pondered over the weekend about how I’d put them to good use, and for the grape one, I decided I would turn it into a ‘Me’ smash-fax.

For anyone who doesn’t know what a smashbook is, here is a short video by K&Co, who first invented an official brand to go alongside the art of smashbooking.

I tried scrapbooking in my A5 domino, but have had a switch around, eliminated the A5 Identity from my collection, and am now using my A5 domino’s as a household binder and a crafts binder. The ring size is brilliant, it holds so much (blog posts on these when they’re fully set up!)
So I wanted to ‘smash’ on a smaller scale. I like keeping little mementos from life, I like scrapping about things that matter to me, and I like doodling things that don’t matter. All of this adds up to a brilliant idea, scrapbooking or smashing in a messy but beautiful and effective way. Once the personal domino gets too full I will archive it and keep it for years to come.
Here’s a mood board of some inspiration images I found on the internet:
And some ideas I had on pages I wanted to create:

Have you smashed in your Filofax?


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