Indecisive yet again… Up-Sizing

After receiving my Domino pocket baroque, adding my Moleskine papers, creating my colour coded subsections… I really missed my grape Domino in personal. I missed the size, I missed using my Organised Mum inserts (the quality of these inserts is just brilliant).

So, I’ve swapped over. I’m going to set up my pocket domino baroque as a journal to write my thoughts in, not necessarily every day, but whenever I feel the need to vent. And my grape domino personal will be the hub for all my daily appointments, etc.

In case you haven’t seen the Organised Mum inserts, here they are. Their site is down at the moment as they are adding new products (hopefully some new inserts!!) But they have a diary refill which is only £7.50, week to view.

The days of the week are separated into five columns, but you can write through the columns if, for example, you don’t have five separate things going on all the time, or you don’t have three kid’s and your partner’s schedule to record. A lot of people think this diary is for mums only but it really isn’t!
I wanted to check before moving back properly that I’d still have the freedom to decorate the pages as I do in my Moleskine-hacked pocket. I noticed while doing this test page that the paper is white, rather than Moleskine paper which is kind of off-white and recycled looking. The paper quality of these inserts is the best I have found, I tried out the rubber stamp on the bottom right page and no bleedthrough at all.
So I’ve now transferred all my appointments for this week into my personal domino and I love the layout, it’s so clean and fresh but pretty as well with the addition of washi tapes and stickers. This was a very quick decoration as I’m poorly at the moment, but it bodes well for future pages.
On the far right there is a list of things to do, which I added stars next to. I then assigned the tasks throughout the week (with stars next to them) so I can see where I need to get things done. Same as before, I’ve used a coloured pen to write in my important appointments, like the doctors, meetings at work, and Bon Jovi on Sunday 😀
So what have I done with my colour coding section?
Added it into my personal, of course 🙂 I had some A-Z dividers lying around, and simply covered the tabs with the circle stickers. I also created an index so I can tell which tabs are for which things. This looks much nicer than my previous attempt, I think.
I know what you’re thinking, how long will this last? Well, with the thought that this will cost much less to replace each year than the 3 (yes, 3) Moleskine notebooks I used to create my pocket diary, I’m thinking she’s a keeper 🙂
Have you ever gone round in circles only to find yourself back where you started?




11 thoughts on “Indecisive yet again… Up-Sizing

  1. Sam says:

    Looks lovely 🙂

    I like the dots system too, I could use the address dividers that I wont use instead of making any more….

    Thanks for sharing x


  2. Tiki Jane says:

    I really love your calendar and I've printed out the PDF. I have an iMac and no experience with designing anything like these pages. Can you point me in the right direction to learn some of this? I can think of a lot of cool stuff I could do in the classroom if I knew how to create pages like this! Really nice set up!


  3. Tiki Jane says:

    Ok I goofed. Jordan at “The Crazy Life of J” did her own pages. You are using “Organised Mum” sheets. They're great too – maybe when their site is back up I can get some. Forgive my goofiness – I had neck surgery Monday so I'm a little, uh, “out there”.

    But I do love your set up!


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