Philofaxy Awards 2013 – I have been nominated!

I’m so chuffed, I’ve been nominated for the Philofaxy Awards 2013, for Most Artistic Filofax/Blog. It’s a really lovely gesture from all of the people who nominated me! And it gets better, the prize is a purple saffiano, and purple is my favourite colour!

So, why should you vote for me? Take a peek round my blog and you will see:

  • creative ways of using a Filofax, including Filo-hacks (using something for a different purpose than it was meant to be used for)

  • decorated Filofax covers using heat embossing
  • an eye for colour and design in all of my weekly pages
  • super-neat handwriting
  • moodboards designed around different Filofax models
  • custom-made Filofax templates and handmade dividers
  • my journal using Smash* items and scrapbooking suppliers
I am sure all of the nominees feel the same, but it would mean so much to me and my little blog to win this competition!

I will be doing a giveaway if I am the lucky one, just to show my appreciation for being nominated.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my blog 🙂

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