Filofax Storage Solutions

I’m starting to get quite a hefty stash of things to decorate my Filofax, so I thought I would show you all how I store everything.

Stickers – I file my stickers in this clear box from Ikea – only £1 for the box, and I made sections so I can locate the stickers I need quickly.

Ink pads – I’m starting to buy more of these as I’ve realised how much I love rubber stamping! I keep them in this cute tin that I got from Paperchase (it’s supposed to be a lunch box).
Larger/small wood mounted rubber stamps – are kept in a tin too. I have four sets of tiny alphabet stamps that I got from a cheap £ shop (or dollar store to you in the USA!)
Clear stamps – it took me ages to work out how to store these little guys. I have so many now. I mounted them all onto card with double-sided tape, slid them into CD sleeves and filed them in another Ikea box.
Journaling cards – in a cheap basket found in another pound shop.
Washi tape is stored in another small cute tin… may have to rehome these guys soon!
Spare papers – another Ikea £1 box, filed by size and type.


4 thoughts on “Filofax Storage Solutions

  1. aml says:

    I always thinking and re-thinking how to store all my supplies too. I also have sooo many things…. Your ideas are great – I never thought of these little Ikea boxes.


  2. aml says:

    I am always thinking and re-thinking about how to store my supplies. I also have sooo many things. Your ideas are great. I would have never thought of these little Ikea boxes.


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