My Week 30

I really like the pages I’ve decorated in my journal this week. I used a journaling card and some washi tape that Meredith sent to me, and what I found strange was, I always used to hate orange and yellow. I think my hatred is over!

Just looking at this page makes me happy 🙂

The photo is of some coral coloured gladioli (flowers) I have at the moment, they are the most beautiful, cheerful colour!

And here is my week in my personal size planner, using mustard and magenta colour scheme. Love these colours together, and yet again, more yellow! (What is happening to me?).

This week was quite exciting (towards the end… the beginning of the week was fairly uneventful). I ordered my beautiful purple satchel on Thursday as I got a bonus from work (it’s an introductory fee they do if you introduce someone you know to the company, and they end up employing them).

So, I treated myself, and then I was very good and transferred the rest into savings. *Smug face*.

Here she is, from the Vintage Satchel Company. I got the 11″ one as I’m very good at keeping the minimum essentials in my handbag. Is it wrong that I’m this excited about a satchel?!


7 thoughts on “My Week 30

  1. natalie says:

    Do you write first and then add the colour?

    If you add the colour first, do you find it influences how you feel about the week?

    Yellow would ALWAYS make me happy!


  2. Holli Applegate says:

    I bought these pages to organize our family of 7 but then realized we don't all have something every day so it was a waste of space. I LOVE how you have done yours! On the right what are your columns for? Meals..and what else?



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