Survey for my new project

I have been working very hard on a new project this weekend, writing pages and pages of ideas and inspiration, planning in my little mind some things to share with you all.

If you would be so kind as to complete this online survey for me (it will only take a few minutes), it would really help me a lot with my planning.

Click here to take survey

All is hush hush at the moment as I don’t want to reveal my plans to anyone just yet, I am always quite a hasty person but not with this, I have a good feeling it will all work out if I am patient.

Thank you in advance if you do find the time to complete the survey!


7 thoughts on “Survey for my new project

  1. Deborah- Jane says:

    Well the link worked for me, for probably the worst person you can imagine, because none of the answers to the questions really applied to how I would answer. Let me explain the quality of paper is important to me… I print my own so I can choose. I print from the Philofaxy website because they give the structure I want and no decoration. I'm not a fan of decoration well not in my planner.


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