Rainbow tabs, page markers and pockets

I’ve decided I really like colours. All colours. I can’t choose just one, I want them all.

For those of you who haven’t met  my dark pink Domino, here she is. I love her. She holds so much, and she’s pretty hard wearing, I take her everywhere with me. To me, there is no better model. I have on several occasions pondered over saving for a more expensive organiser but I’m concerned about the quality checks Filofax carries out, I’ve seen so many issues with maldens, osterleys, finchleys, etc.

I’ve decided rather than sticking to a colour scheme for my Filofax, I would use all different colours throughout. The first step was using Masking Tape Stickers to label my A-Z tabs – these would be my sections. I have used two sets of A-Z dividers (yes, that’s 26 in total!) and assigned sections to them.

Here is the contents in my Domino, so I can easily see which colour represents which section:

Here are my dividers with the Masking Tape Stickers over the tabs:
I also made some other cute things to add colour to my Filofax, like these page markers I cut from a pocket from a Paperchase notebook and decorated with washi tape:
And these pockets made from the same Paperchase notebook, one for receipts in my finance section and one for coupons in my shopping section:
At the front of my Filofax I have a postcard cut from scrapbooking paper, I love the quote on it. It’s brightly coloured to match the rest of the theme. On the other side is the back of the postcard, and my ‘dashboard cards’ I printed, for personal information, important dates and emergency contact info.
Have you added handmade accessories to your Filofax?

10 thoughts on “Rainbow tabs, page markers and pockets

  1. cjm says:

    Hi my daughters & I have just found your blog while looking for reviews of the vintage satchel co. Very inspired by your diary decorations etc! Has your satchel arrived & are you happy with it? How strong are the straps? We are about to order a purple one. Daughter #1 now colour coding her diary:-). Jane


  2. cjm says:

    Hi my daughters and I just found your blog while looking for reviews of the Vintage satchel co. Has yours arrived and are you happy with it- we need a 15″ to hold A4 folders for 6th form. Do the strap connections look strong? Now we have got very distracted by your diary colour coding. Daughter #1 is currently customising her paperchase diary!


  3. laura jane says:

    Hi! I haven't received it yet, they tried to deliver it today so im picking it up tomorrow, I will do a review in the next few days for you 🙂 if you want a leather swatch to check the colour is okay, email them and they will happily send you one 🙂


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