My Week 32

Ah, a peaceful weekend, my favourite. It has gone way too quickly though. I’ve just spent an hour in the office playing with washi tape, check out my new storage box 😀

Quite a subdued colour scheme in my journal this week. I had a bit of a disaster with my pages… I hadn’t written since Monday, and when I opened my journal on Thursday to update it I realised two of the pages were stuck together and I’d written Monday’s entry on 12th August instead of 5th August *sigh*… such a ‘me’ thing to do, and it was going so well!!

What’s even worse is, I took out the page for 12th August in an attempt to try and figure out what to do, got in a huff, and left it for a while. I went back to my journal later and not only did I forget to put the page with 12th August on it, I had written on 5th, 6th and 7th, and then continued on 16th and 17th!! What a muppet…

In my weekly planner I used a cute retro colour scheme. I really love turquoise and yellow at the moment!

We were going to go to the zoo on Saturday but our vouchers didn’t arrive until midday so we decided to go another day when we’d have more time. My boyfriend really wants to go, it’s quite cute >.<

What do you think to my new page marker? Doesn’t it go with this layout really nicely?! I’d love to make more to co-ordinate with my pages but I think that might be overdoing it a little bit…
Have a nice week, stay happy and remember this quote I read at the beginning of the week…

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