My Week 34

It’s about this time of year I realise that I need to start thinking about the dreaded event at the end of December. This last quarter is a very eventful time, lots of birthdays, going on holiday, Christmas, etc. It’s all go, and it’s expensive. I’ve been doing a lot of overtime the past few weeks to start saving early, unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the time to blog much.

I have though, had a few thoughts on my journal pages. I was using an A5 setup using the vertical week to view inserts, but decided I actually think my personal pages are decorated better, I seem to prefer having less space to fill. I like a busy page, and with the A5 it seemed I was adding any old thing to fill the white space.

I’m waiting for a Domino in ultra-violet from a Filo friend, I asked if anyone had any personal sized Filofax and this one was up for grabs first, which is great because it will sit nicely with my personal Domino in grape. Until the violet one arrives, I’m using a section in the grape (my daily planner) to hold my diary pages, then they will be archived in the violet one.

Here’s this week’s layout, using Hello Kitty washi tape and a journaling card 🙂

For my daily planner, I used my big yellow taxi colour scheme from last week’s journal pages. I actually really like the yellow and black with my aqua page marker, too.
So what else have I been up to? I baked some coconut and strawberry jam biscuits which are very yummy, and I also made these cute Minnie Mouse dividers which are going to be sent to someone in the US 😀
Cute or what?!

4 thoughts on “My Week 34

  1. LJ says:

    Wow – how do you manage to get so much written in the daily spaces of the personal calendar? I would so struggle with that, especially as my writing is naturally quite big and not particularly legible 🙂


  2. laura jane says:

    My writing is pretty small so I seem to manage ok, I feel there's enough room for me to say what I need to, and if I need extra room I can add a journaling card 🙂 I am suprised that the space to write feels the same as my A5 pages!


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