My Week 35

Fairy average week this week so I’m afraid there isn’t much to talk about, but here are the photos of my week 35.

Journal – I did an Edgar Allan Poe theme this week. This is my second week journaling using the Paperchase week to view inserts, and I’m not sure if they’re doing the trick or not. As you can see, my handwriting is quite small and I find the line spacing to be larger than I need. Also there isn’t much room to write at the weekends, when I have the most to say.

I’m also thinking of ways I can add interest to my journal pages – photos, stickers, washi tape, memorable bits and bobs – it’s surprisingly difficult to find these things, especially photos, when you don’t really do anything.

My week in my planner, I think I prefer these pages as the grey font is much more subtle, it just seems cleaner than the Paperchase inserts. Unfortunately the Organised Mum inserts probably wouldn’t work for journaling as they are too structured.

If anyone knows of any alternatives to week to view journal pages for personal size, please let me know! 🙂


3 thoughts on “My Week 35

  1. fendlabise says:

    Great! Thank you this is a very good idea to do a “day to day” on the filofax. Maybe my next agenda?!
    I personally do on a moleskin! It is a pleasure to do!
    You can go to my website under “day to day”. What do you think?
    Good evening, Marie
    Thank you google translation.


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