Oh, hello friend!

Could I interest you in a cup of tea?
Earl Grey with a slice of lemon, or perhaps calming chamomile?

Welcome to my new blog! Having been blogging as jaggedlittlethoughts.blogspot.com for some years, I decided it was high time to relocate my blog and start afresh.

So, who am I?
My name is Laura, I live in the UK with my wonderful husband (est.2015). No pets, no children; although I’d love a beagle. I’d name him Bowie.

In my spare time I enjoy sitting and drinking tea (as if you didn’t know that already), writing, crafting, planning, eating, napping, Netflix-ing, shopping hauls… the list goes on. I’ve recently added to my creative talents by learning to crochet, and made a rather cute (slightly terrifying) purple bear with buttons for eyes. I know what you’re thinking.

I also love to spend time socialising with my friends and family, travelling to interesting places and taking photographs (yes, I am one of those amateur Insta-wotsits). I’d like to enjoy reading, but the truth is, I can’t sit still long enough and neither can my wandering brain! (Think Dory…)

So enough about me, let’s meet you!
What do you get out of reading my blog on a regular basis?
Well… because I enjoy so much in life it’s my mission to share all of my projects, findings, recipes, adventures and words with you. I’d be delighted for you to join me!

Please do take the time to bookmark my blog; you are always welcome (if you bring the shortbread biscuits!)



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