Filofax Original Lilac Setup

Today I’d like to show you the setup of my lovely Filofax Original Personal in Lilac. I have owned it for a few months now, and have been struggling to set it up in a way that works for me. I’ve tried to over-complicate things at times, so I’ve gone with a fairly simple yet organised and pretty approach which should be relatively effective.


Why Lilac?

I chose the lilac colour because I love purple, and although I was sceptical about how light the cover was, I decided I needed something more cheerful. I find it’s quite an encouraging colour, whereas previously I had been using something much darker (an A5 Malden) which was equally beautiful, but a little depressing to look at, at times.

I must warn you… this is going to be a rather picture heavy post! Grab the tea and biscuits and take some time out 🙂

Downsizing from A5 to Personal

I decided to downsize from an A5 to a personal because I wanted the option to carry my planner in my (Cath Kidston, and oh so lovely, purple polka dot) handbag. I really liked the opportunity to add more information in an A5 but it just wasn’t practical for me. (Also, with the whole arthritis in my wrists, lugging heavy bags is not cool.)

My Setup

 When I opened my planner, I wanted to be greeted with fun and sparkle, and I feel like I’ve achieved that. But I didn’t want it to be too over the top. I made a small card that says ‘today is the best kind of day’ from a scrapbooking sticker, and used a little Heidi Swapp Hello Beautiful flag paperclip to keep it attached to the elastic in the front cover. I keep just one pen in my planner, a Pentel Slicci 0.4 in black.


IMG_3396 (1)

I made my dashboard using Simple Stories Snap insta-pockets (if you cut them down to 2 squares by 3 squares they fit perfectly in an Filofax Personal size!). They are really great for adding a personal touch to your planner. I have added a few of my wedding photos and some small pieces of scrapbooking paper which coordinate with the lilac.

You have no idea how hard it is to find lilac scrapbook paper… hence the pink, aqua, gold, yellow and navy colour scheme. I think it looks quite cute, though!

On the other side of my dashboard I used some scrapbooking stickers to decorate the backs of the paper on the other side, and added a Project Life card (My Mind’s Eye I believe the brand was), quoting the most lovely bear.

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” A.A.Milne

IMG_3400 (1)

In the photo below you can see my multi-coloured tabs… we will come to that in just a moment. First I’ll show you my cover page, complete with a stack of rather precarious looking teacups! I love the fact that it says ‘Oh, hello!’ 🙂

Behind this page I have my personal information (full name, address, who to contact in an emergency, etc.)

IMG_3403 (1)     IMG_3404

Now, onto my huge ‘Sections’ section! After many trial and error methods of organising my notes, I decided that colour coded sections with subjects was the best way for me. Colour is how my mind works, it doesn’t work with letters or numbers or generalisation (for example, ‘various’, ‘things’, ‘miscellaneous’.)

So here is my contents page and what I keep in each section:


  1. Monthly Diary – two months per page diary to mark important dates or just see the month at a glance.
  2. Weekly Diary – I use Filofax week to view inserts (lined of course, my brain can’t deal with the freedom of blank space.) I use Frixion Soft Erasable Highlighters to indicate birthdays, medical, television, chores and husband.

IMG_3409 (1)

3. Contacts – I use the standard Filofax contacts pages (not photographed for obvious reasons!) I find they do the job I need them to do and it’s great for accessing important addresses when I’m out and about.

4. Medical – in this section I keep my doctor, optician, pharmacy and rheumatologist’s contact details, along with my medication details and doses. I think it’s important to have this information to hand. I also have an arthritis diary where I record any strange symptoms I am having due to my medication, then I can report back to my rheumatologist on my next appointment. I also have notes pages for general health information and a weight tracker.


5. Food and Drink – we LOVE food. 90% of the time, we’re talking about food. The other 10%, we’re probably eating it. In this section I have a list of dinner ideas, weekday lunch ideas, weekend lunch ideas and recipes to try.

6. Shopping – here I have a generic shopping wishlist of things I’d like to buy when I can afford it. I also have a list of the gift cards I have in my purse and how much money they have left on them.

7. Home – I am in charge of all the bills in our household so it’s important I keep track of all correspondence we have with our landlord, utility companies, etc. and so I know when certain contracts end. I have a page for each utility and space to write any correspondence. I also have a bills tracker so I can see that I have paid a certain bill that month.

8. Work – ah yes, work. *sigh*. In this section I have an annual leave chart to show when myself and my husband have both booked time off work. Again I use the Frixion highlighters to mark days off. (mehubby and both). 

IMG_3414 (1)

9. Special Events –  I have a list of anniversary gifts for each year, and a list of birthdays and anniversaries for our family and friends.

IMG_3415 (1)

10. Family – it’s just me and my husband, so nothing in this section yet.

11. Online – I keep logins in this section, along with product keys for re-installing things like Antivirus software and Microsoft Word when my laptop inevitably dies! I also keep a list of online orders.

12. Husband’s stuff – you know what husbands are like. ‘Write this down somewhere safe please.’ Well that is what this section is for. All the little nic-nacs of information he tells me go in this section to refer to when we have both forgotten.

13. Happiness – a fairly new section, at the moment this just contains my bucket list but will have some self-help information in there later on.

14. Fashion and Beauty – I keep a list of Pandora charms I own in this section, clothing sizes, favourite makeup and beauty products and favourite perfumes in this section. Again, useful to refer to when mum asks me what I want for Christmas (in September).

15. Crafts – I’m quite a crafty person so this section is one of my favourites 🙂 I’ve just started learning how to crochet, so I’ll put in this section any patterns that I’m working on, or an inventory of different wools I have bought and where from.  I also have a printout of a really pretty font I found, in a style I had been trying to hunt down for some time. I also have a wishlist, list of project ideas, and events to add to my scrapbook.



16. Music – I love music, I listen to it quite a lot and I also play guitar (when I’m not in too much pain!). In this section I have lists of music to listen to on Spotify and songs to learn on guitar.

17. TV & Film – we love watching films and TV shows, so I’ve got a checklist of Disney films we still need to add to our collection, lists of TV shows we’re currently watching, and release dates for future seasons.

IMG_3417 (1)
18. Travel – I keep holiday details in this section, along with packing lists, places we’d like to travel, and journaling when we are away.

19. Car – I keep information about my car in this section, such as my insurance details, tyre pressure, local garage details and details of any repairs.

20. Christmas – it takes a lot of organising but someone’s gotta do it! We don’t always host Christmas dinner but if we do I like to know exactly what’s going on. So in this section I keep gift lists for our family and friends, Christmas day menu, Christmas card checklist and my wishlist.

21. Blog – post ideas and any useful resources go in this section.

22. Local – information about our local restaurants, shops etc. and things to do locally (especially if they are free!)

23. Finance – I have a log in this section to track how much we’ve saved and will write any financial workings out in this section.

24. Vouchers – coupons for restaurants, food shopping etc. go in this section.

25. Notes – this section is my ‘to-file’ section – I can write various notes here that will later be filed in one of the other sections.

26. Paper/Stickers – I keep spare paper and a few stickers at the back of my planner along with a piece of the box from my hair colour and a few business cards.

IMG_3424 (1)

And that’s all, folks! I hope you have enjoyed my first post, and I hope you will check back for more in the future. Please feel free to leave me a comment and any requests you have for blog posts!




10 thoughts on “Filofax Original Lilac Setup

  1. Mum says:

    Great post. I really enjoyed reading and looking at your gorgeous pics. Your set-up is perfect and is obviously working for you and so, so neat. I have a lilac A5 Original and it’s a beautiful colour – I wish I was as artistic as you in setting it up. I really must try harder.
    Happy Planning
    PS My other blog is My Filofax Blog

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Barbara says:

    What a beautiful planner and setup! Your effort to match the lilac colour of the planner is really inspiring. Your setup seems so detailed and thoughtfully organised… I think I have to run now and work on mine a little more! 🙂 The section with the medical information and symptoms tracker is definitely something I should add to my planner, too.
    Many greetings from Germany!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Em says:

    Lovely walk through! I’m so envious of how much you’ve got in there! I’ve got two Originals probably only covering about half the info you have in your lilac. Also – I love the Slicci’s too, they’re just so nice to write with in my personal.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. alice says:

    Oh my gosh your planner is so gorgeous! I have just bought my first ever Filofax and I am so excited to get started 🙂 The dividers are sooo cute. I bought a personal size for my first venture and I’m glad to see that it works out well!

    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

    Liked by 1 person

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