July Wishes & Loves

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As a new feature on my blog I thought it’d be fun to share with you my favourite products and things each month. So for July, here are my wishes and loves!

1. Madeleine Shaw: Get the Glow

Madeleine has changed the way we eat. After biting the bullet and deciding myself and my husband both need to eat healthier, not necessarily for weight loss but just to feel better, we invested in some books; and Madeleine’s book was one of the handful we purchased. Her recipes are healthy but still full of incredible flavour and texture. We’re a little bit addicted to cauliflower rice with turmeric and ginger (cooked in coconut oil, of course!)

2. Pimms Cider Cup: Red Apple & Plum

I was slightly skeptical when I saw this in our local supermarket, but oh my, how delicious it is. The depth of the plum and the freshness of the apple unite beautifully together, along with the subtle flirt of Pimms in the background. Delicious!

3. Rediscovering Blueberries

Full of antioxidants, blueberries are little purple jewels of yummy-ness. I was convinced I hated blueberries because when I was younger my mum used to buy blueberry muffins and they were NOT nice. Now though, can’t get enough of them.

4. Rifle Paper Company

I am a sucker for pretty stationery, and although I haven’t bought anything from Rifle Paper Co. yet, there is still time…! Their designs are just beautiful, really feminine and delicate.

5. Rocket Dog Jazzin’ Pumps

I have horrendously rubbish feet. They’re really flat. So finding comfortable footwear that doesn’t look like an old person should be wearing it is quite a challenge for me. I love these shoes, they’re so comfy and come in tons of gorgeous colours and patterns.

6. Next Summer clothes

The orange top pictured in my moodboard is from Next. Now, you wouldn’t think this would be a huge deal but I have NEVER, EVER worn orange before. I actually really like it! Sometimes it makes a big difference to try something new 🙂

7. Primark pyjamas

I love sleep, and naps, and pyjamas. I LOVE Primark pyjamas; they give me the excuse to drink a Baileys night cap in my Disney Princess jarmies. And they’re affordable too, what’s not to love?!

8. Frixion pastel highlighters

As shown in my post Filofax Original Lilac Setup, I use these to highlight specific dates in my Filofax. I love that they don’t bleed through Filofax paper, and the colours are SO pretty and delicate.

9. Johnsons Face Wipes with Moonflower

As mentioned previously, I LOVE sleep. I have such sensitive skin that finding exciting scented face wipes proves difficult without coming out in a big, ugly rash. These face wipes by Johnson’s include moonflower extract which smells divine, and just sends me into a calm, relaxing sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed, and with super soft skin, too!

10. Palmolive Pampering Touch shower cream

Yep, going to mention how crap my body is again. Itchy skin is not the one. So when I discovered the cheap, yet effective, and relaxing scent of Palmolive Pampering Touch with coconut I was sold. At just 85p per bottle from Tesco, it’s definitely become my favourite shower gel. It stops me from getting angsty in my morning shower, because the scent just chills me out.

11. Aussie Miracle Moisture

I was pretty fed up of my (sorry to use the cliche phrase) “dull, lifeless hair” and no matter which shampoo and conditioner I used it never worked for more than one wash. When I saw Aussie Miracle Moisture for £3 in Wilko (yes, that’s the normal price, it was not on sale) I thought I’d give it a try. It has worked wonders for my hair (even my hairdresser approved!) and smells delicious.

12. Macbook Air

You know when you by something, and your gut says you probably shouldn’t have, but your mind thinks this is awesome? That’s my Macbook. I broke up with Windows. Since upgrading to Windows 10 he’d become painfully slow, temperamental and irritating. Enter Macbook – super quick startup, simple to use, efficient and a joy to work on. Windows, you suck.

13. Orange is the New Black: Season 4

Ok, so we promised ourselves we wouldn’t binge. We tried. Then we did it anyway, because it was so good! No spoilers here so don’t panic, but what I will say is I’ve really grown to love Lolly’s character, and really grown to find Piper super irritating. You learn some more about Lolly’s back story in this season which was interesting. I find this is one of the huge perks of the show, learning how the inmates got to prison in the first place. She’s innocent and childlike, but wait, she’s in prison, she can’t be that innocent?! So many questions.

Reasons for finding Piper irritating? Little man syndrome. The whole ‘White Party’ thing. (Watch it, you’ll understand). She’s basically attempted to be a leader or founder of something that even she doesn’t believe is right. Ring any bells in our current political situation?!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my July Wishes & Loves, check back next month for the August edition!



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