Filofax & Writing Straight

Ok, so I love the cotton cream inserts much more than I love any of the other Filofax personal inserts, simply because there is equal space to write for each day of the week. I am usually busier at the weekends than I am during the week, so I get really irritated if all my notes and to-dos are squished into a tiny box and the rest of the boxes Monday to Friday are half-empty.

I was previously using Filofax lined week on two pages, and although I loved having the lines to write on, I disliked the small weekend spaces.

Then  a little brain wave came along and said ‘hey, you know you’ve never been able to write in a straight line your entire life, and how you used to use guidelines? See where I’m going with this?!’

And I said, yes brain, that’s an excellent idea.


I quickly whipped up a quick set of guidelines on a personal sized page and printed it double sided on card. I put some washi tape on the edges so that it would be more sturdy, then punched holes in and added slits so it can be removed without opening the rings (like the Today markers).


And there you have it, lines without being lines!



You can download a copy of my Guidelines template here! FilofaxPersonalGuidelines


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