Filofax Travel Planner Setup

I am SO ready for a holiday. Anyone else knows living in Britain we have had the poorest excuse for a summer ever. Rain most of the time. Hot, humid and grey. Sunshine occasionally, but not enough. I remember when I was a teenager and we had guaranteed weeks of beautiful sunshine. Where did it go?!

Anyway, moving on to the purpose of this post… We are going to Corfu in September for hubby’s 30th birthday *hurrah!* so I decided to transform my Pennybridge Filofax in purple into a travel planner.


I am a very anxious person, so having lists and notes and information to hand makes me feel better. I chose the Pennybridge because I have used it previously for travelling as a purse and for my travel information, and it worked really well. It has plenty of room for bus tickets, souvenirs, a zip pocket for money and is the right size to hold leaflets. The rings aren’t that big, granted, but that prevents overstuffing and realising you’re carrying way too much stuff.


As in my everyday Filofax, I decided to make a cover page using the Simple Stories instal-pockets. I really love this technique, I think it looks really cute and it’s also protected by the sleeve so your embellishments don’t fall off all over the beach 🙂

I used the Pink Paislee Summer Solstice collection as my colour scheme, and also used the colours in the papers as a basis for the colour schemes of my pages (more on that next).

How cute is that sparkly whale?! ❤

Now, for my own security unfortunately I can’t share the first few pages of the planner as they have all of our personal details and holiday details on. But to give you an idea, I added the following information: Name, address, email, phone number, and all of these details for my husband as well; list of my medication and doses; important numbers (bank lost/stolen contacts, doctor, insurance, British Embassy, police, fire, ambulances hospital).

Flights and Transfers – Airline, booking number, date, time, airport and address, terminal, flight number, outbound and inbound. Also details of our transfers.

Hotel Information – Name, address, phone number, email, room type, room facilities, voltage, location, services, leisure and sports facilities, beach, gardens and theme night details.

My next section is all to do with planning our holiday. This section includes my packing list, itinerary, to-do list for before we travel, holiday shopping list, and outfit planner.


The section after that is all relating to the area, things to do, attractions and getting around. I have information to do with tourist attractions we would like to go and see, excursions our travel company runs that we might like to go on, information about the town we are staying in, and bus information including a timetable for the bus that runs from our hotel to Corfu town. And of course, maps!


I printed some blank travel journal pages for my next section as I like to journal when I’m on holiday. I have a memory like a sieve so I usually find if I don’t write everything down I get home and forget everything. Of course I take hundreds of photos, but they don’t tell all the stories.


My last section is just for extra information that I might find useful: Greek phrases and tips, and some spare sheets for note taking.


And that’s everything to see, my friends! Well, except for this lovely pile of embellishments from the Pink Paislee Summer Solstice line… go and have a peek, it’s very cute and summery!


Edit: After sharing this post I’ve had some requests to share my designed travel pages with you. You can download them here. Enjoy!


If you’d like to use the same font as I’ve used for the page headings, you can download it here. The body font is Gill Sans.



4 thoughts on “Filofax Travel Planner Setup

  1. Madison Ward says:

    Loving your travel journal! Looks very cool…. Im not sure if you have discovered it et but you should check out ‘Bullett Journalling’ I think you will love it!

    If you are in Corfu still, take time to visit Canal D’amour! It’s beautiful!


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