Week 28: Review

I think summer is finally here!


We had some lovely weather towards the end of last week and at the weekend, so it was back to the pub garden for some drinks with friends. I wore my new Mela dress from New Look; it’s navy with hummingbirds and purple flowers on it 🙂

I bought a new nail polish in Wilko at the weekend, it shimmers lilac and green depending on the light.

Also I’ve been sucked in by Pokemon Go… hubby went out Pokemon hunting on Thursday night while I watched back to back Big Bang Theory and painted my toes. My sister gave me a fluorescent pink nail polish that I’d thought I’d try out but I hated it! Think pink highlighter…

I also finished my crocheted sad cat… She looks so sad it almost hurts! She has yet to have a name but I’m really proud of her. I’m getting better the more I do.

And finally, counting down the days until we go on holiday for hubby’s 30th birthday, only 71 days to go!

Here is a view of last week in my planner:



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