Week 29 Review


We’ve had some lovely (and at times, unbearable) heat this week with temperatures reaching 32°C on Tuesday! So I’ve had some summer-y fun this week. And apparently lots of red things going on.

After I did the cleaning on Friday evening (I know, I like to live it up) I sat listening to The ’59 Sound by Gaslight Anthem with the door open, the evening sun pouring through. It was a great feeling.

I painted my nails in Barry M’s raspberry nail polish, love the colour, it’s so cheerful. I also played guitar for a little while on Friday night.

At the weekend we have brunch instead of breakfast and lunch, as we go to the butcher’s first thing and it makes more sense for me to have a more filling brunch so I can take my medication. This week we had french toast with cinnamon apples, strawberries and maple syrup, and crumpets with greek yoghurt, honey and fruit. Delicious!

My Whittards order arrived *finally*. Our intercom is broken again so deliveries are near impossible at the moment. I got some freebies with my instant tea as well, and some chocolate covered coffee beans for my lovely hubby 🙂

On Saturday morning after our butcher’s run we went to our local pub (it was about 10am) – hubby was sure they were open for breakfast. When we got there they said they didn’t open until 12pm, however they’d be more than happy to let us sit in the garden, which we did, and even gave us a free coffee each! We are regulars there so that’s probably why they were so generous, but it was much appreciated as we don’t have the luxury of a garden at home!

How was your week?


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