Agendio Planner Inserts Review

Happy Sunday, everyone!

I have recently received some rather exciting happy mail and wanted to share my new inserts with you. They are from – a US company who make personal, A5 and Deskfax sized inserts among other notebooks. However, they differ from many other planner refills because the inserts are fully customisable. 


I placed my order on 18th July and it arrived with me on 10th August – just over 3 weeks which is not bad at all considering the inserts were custom made. I was kept updated on the progress of my order.

Layout Editing

Agendio’s easy to use website allows you to choose a template to start with and edit it using the information you want. It only took me a few minutes of playing around with it to work out how to use it, and it was very efficient and easy, even using a tablet. The customisation options are out of this world.

Paper quality

I am a bit of a paper freak. My pet hate is having really bad quality paper to write on, so I was relieved when I looked into these inserts and noticed the paper was 105gsm (compared to Filofax’s standard 70gsm). You can really feel the quality of the paper as well, it is smooth.



Pre-punched holes – you can choose to have holes punched or not, which is fantastic and saves loads of effort upon receiving the inserts. As far as I could see there was no extra charge for this either.

A variety of layouts to choose from and customise – Agendio use divisibles which are basically little boxes you can add and edit to your diary layout and label as you choose. You can see in my photo below that I’ve used them for meal planning, to-do list, TV watchlist, important, me time, movie night, baking/cooking, crafts, music, health and spending. You can choose the size of the boxes (but the sizing is slightly limited so that everything fits neatly on the page).


Beautiful colour selection – there is a lovely selection of colour options for inserts – you can even choose a different colour for each month, and I decided to choose four of the colours and rotate them throughout the year. They also offer black and white printing ($5 cheaper than colour).


Choose your starting month – if, like me, you change your mind frequently, you might consider changing to new inserts halfway through the year. You can select your start month at the beginning of the process and Agendio will print a year in advance from that month. So you end up with a whole year of inserts from the month that you need. (Note: remember to allow for 3-4 weeks delivery time when choosing your start month!)

Add national holidays, birthdays and recurring events – You can tell Agendio (using the customisation tool) to add national holidays (you can choose from pretty much every country in the world, too!) and you can also program in family and friends’ birthdays which will automatically be printed on your inserts. I have also programmed in pay days – very useful!

Font choices – you can even select from a range of fonts to use in your planner. There is a varied choice as well.

What would I like to see from Agendio in the future? 

It would be fantastic if Agendio could add even more colours to their variety so that there was more choice. Some of the colours were a little too vibrant for me, so more pastel variations would be nice.

Also a week on 2 pages layout with days split into two, one side to-do and the other side appointments would be very useful, although I understand why this isn’t offered as an option as the divisibles wouldn’t be needed.

Other insert choices to customise – for example, contacts, a grid-style month to view instead of list view as offered at the moment.

Overall I’m really impressed with the quality and simplicity of these inserts and would purchase them again, if they worked for me. And if the layout doesn’t work, the beauty of these inserts is you can change them up to suit your needs. They were a little more expensive than I would have liked, but for a fully customisable insert it has definitely paid off.

I’ll be back once I’ve used them for the week coming and feed back on how I got on!

Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! 🙂


P.S for those querying customs charges to the UK, I was charged £14.01.

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